Monday, November 24, 2014

High-Profile Libertarian / Conservative Men: Not Just Role Models, But Sex Symbols

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Political movements are defined by those of individuals whose activities serve as cultural markers to the population at large. 

Most people do not know that Charleton Heston, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell, and others are conservatives or libertarians. (We must include libertarians, small 'l' in here since there is such significant cross over.) 

Therefore, we should divide the question: who are the primary definers? These are policy activists, political activists, journalists, politicians, their aides and staff, commentators, and writers. This rather small group figures in the public consciousness as representing the essential identify of conservatives and libertarians. They are the most focused representatives. 

Secondary groups, those individuals who speak out vocally, include individuals whose primary public identity was created in another area. Here we find such men as those previously noted; Stars, actors, singers and other individuals who feel strongly on at least one issue and act as spokesmen. Then, in the third echelon we have the general population. Now we can see the group from which our sexiest man should be drawn.

Another question now confronts us: what makes a man sexy? This warrants close consideration. Women are attracted to men who are good looking. The biological element active in identifying males who would make reproductively attractive mates are well documented for men as they are for women. Health, regular features, active athletic body, good eyes and teeth are evidence of good stock. Further, the most attractive men possess the accouterments of wealth. They know how to dress, are generous, and have the means to support a wife and children. 

This would be enough if we were only considering the sexual allure of the given population. But we are looking for a conservative/libertarian so other criteria must be added. Sexy conservative men must be examples of what is appropriate in their cultural milieu.. What are the highest values we ascribe to conservatives? I suggest that such a man would possess an appropriate sense of humor, engaging in self-denigrating commentary where appropriate while showing courtesy to others and never sneering at those who are less fortunate. He would be kind, honest and honor his word as his bond, knowing that it is honor, not law that is most important as a definer of excellent character. The ideal man would also be courageous in the face of opposition, something he will face all of his life. 

We have now defined the perimeters for our search. We have only to consider the specific population that defines the present conservative/libertarian movement. 

One possible man is Ronald Reagan. Another is Barry Goldwater.

Each was the epitome of sexy and culturally conservative as well as being clearly identified politically within the primary category. Each was honorable, kind, and courageous.

Ronald Reagan will be sexier when he is dead than any other conservative man still breathing. And Barry Goldwater may be gone, but he is still sexy.

God bless them both. We can only hope for more like them