Friday, November 6, 2015

The Real John Fund

A trained and trusted NeoCon Operative
And now his employers are attempting to recycle him

It is referred to as the WeaselSearch Tape and appeared online on September 4, 2001 as proof for the statements made by John Connolly in his article, “Sex, Lies and the Tape.” The article's target was John Fund, then at the Wall Street Journal. Fund had intimidated Tina Brown, then still editor of Talk Magazine, to drop the article. Naturally, Fund's attorney, John J. Walsh, billed for services rendered.

Forget Morgan. The Tape shows you a well trained NeoCon Operative using exactly the same techniques on his girl friend used on the American people, both before and after 9/11. Neither Fund or Morgan has any compunction about lying as it is standard procedure for each of them separately.

The lack of conscience and empathy demonstrated is chilling. Look over these characteristics, assembled by Robert Hare, a leading expert on psychopathy.

Now, many more Americans and others around the world realize how badly we have been lied to. The solution is not revolution but turning off the flow of money to those responsible.

Read the article below. Listen to The Tape. Look over the transcript, with comments providing what is actually happening. This is Part I.

Effective action is local and uses the power of commerce to correct our relationship with government and those who have hijacked it. For me, understanding this began with The Tape.

The Taping - September 1999

It is late afternoon in Jersey City, where Morgan lived, not far from John Fund's apartment on 1st Street. Morgan is unhappy with the direction her relationship with Fund has taken. He has been cold and distanced himself from her. There is no more talk of marriage and, as always, Morgan is without a job.

Wanting money, Morgan Pillsbury calls her mother. During the call Fund's number appears on her phone. Interrupting her call to Melinda, Morgan began taping. The conversation made her realize she needed to prove to her mother this time she is was not lying. It was a hard sell but she knew what was needed.

The Back Story – October 26, 1998

Fund has been in a sexual relationship with Morgan Pillsbury since he bedded her during an Objectivist Conference in New York City. Morgan had arrived there with her adopted father, Craig Franklin. Franklin and Morgan would continue their trip together, visiting London and Paris, staying in posh Bed & Breakfasts and eating in the best places.

At home in Santa Barbara, Melinda is recovering from surgery and getting ready for a corneal transplant while caring her son, Arthur, who survived shooting himself in the brain on March 22.

Fund had asked Morgan, and her four siblings, call him, “Uncle John,” some years earlier. Fund and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster had known each other and maintained a cordial friendship since 1981 and known each other politically for two years before then.

Craig had told Melinda he was leaving her on January 23, 1998, two weeks after the family had returned from Hawaii, where everyone, except Morgan, had spent Christmas together.

By the time they arrived in New York Craig Franklin had been paying Morgan to help him minimize the expense in divorcing Melinda, Morgan's mother, for about a year. Payments started in the autumn of 1997 when Franklin cut a deal with his boss, Dan O'Dowd, to defraud O'Dowd's partner, Glenn Hightower of 150 million dollars. As a sort of “Throw Mama from the Train” deal, O'Dowd agreed to defraud Melinda of her share of the stock granted to Franklin in 1996. See Greedville

Morgan signed on to assist.

Earlier that year Melinda had moved Morgan into a two bedroom apartment on Alcott Avenue in West Los Angeles, buying all the furniture and decorating it for her when Morgan, nearly 30, proved incompetent to do so herself. Morgan had spent her twenties lying about attending college, spending her time with Eddy van Halen in an attempt to eliminate Valerie from his life, she later boasted to Melinda.

The move happened just before Melinda had solved Craig's IRS crisis. Craig had never filed his taxes, though he had promised to when the couple married.

As Morgan began calling Melinda's friends and associates Melinda's attention was on her son, Arthur Foster, who had suffered a major brain injury on September 27, 1997 during a motorcycle accident.

The cost of having Morgan slander her mother, find him the nastiest attorney in Santa Barbara, Jacqueline Misho, and assist in identifying ways Melinda's inherited heart problems were likely to kill her was $5,000 a month. Morgan's work included conference calls on how to accomplish this which included Craig Franklin's son from his first marriage, Jonathan Scott Franklin, Michael Emerling Cloud, and others, the coordinated effort including O'Dowd.

The best means was to increase her stress. Misho was great for stress, as John Cleese would learn years later.

In mid-March of 1998 Morgan received a one time payment of $10,000 from Franklin to pretend to need a heart transplant after her brother, Arthur, shot himself through the brain, depressed over his first brain injury and then Franklin's rejection of their relationship. She called Melinda at the hospital to ask for her brother's heart.

Franklin was angry Arthur had lived because he was afraid he would have to pay support for him. This, and the groups carefully orchestrated ploys had failed to kill Melinda, despite multiple attempts.
Added to this, Morgan refused to have sex with him. In 2001 Craig sued Morgan to get his money back claiming it was a loan. These Court Documents are NOT boring at all.

Melinda had stopped talking to Morgan around April of 1998 because these activities had come to her notice through discovery during the divorce.

Morgan's relationship with her then boy friend Eugene Volokh, the UCLA professor of law who originated the Monica Lewinsky Strategy for Kenneth Star, ended when he dumped her in September of 1998. Eugene had everything Morgan wanted in a husband. Money. Morgan was sure John Fund also had money. How Morgan managed to start a relationship with Volokh comes later.

When their relationship began Fund told Morgan they needed to keep it quiet – for a while because he was being threatened by Bill and Hillary Clinton. He enlarges on this theme on The Tape.

In March, 1999 Melinda heard a rumor Morgan was in sexual relationship with Morgan so she called Fund to ask if this was true. Fund lied, telling Melinda he was in a serious relationship with a woman attorney and they were getting married. He had agreed to feed her cat, Cinnamon, for her while she was out of town, he added. Feeling no need to warn Fund since the rumor was not true Melinda congratulated him and ended the call, saying she would send him an article. Inadvertently, she added him to the short list of people to whom she sent her poetry.

At the time Morgan was in California aborting Fund's baby and Fund was romancing another woman. Abortion Medical Record

Comments and insights appear in italics

The phone machine on which The Tape was made.........

JOHN FUND: You shouldn't have told her, and you kept telling her, and telling her, and telling her and you kept digging yourself in deeper and Morgan the one thing I can't understand is you obviously told her within days of Colorado where we were discussing a dinner. And I got glimmerings, I didn't open all of my e-mails but I got glimmerings of that pretty quickly, little clues, her e-mails were changing tones. You told her within days, you didn't wait very long and the irony is if you thought I was punishing you, it might not have been punishment forever but what did you chose to do you chose to lash back at me and you chose to go …

John is on Melinda's poetry list getting poems every couple of days, none of them related to him. But he is paranoid. Also, the rumor Melinda heard came through Morgan to another of Melinda's daughters who doubted it was true. Rumors included having a relationship with Fund, going to New Orleans with him, and getting pregnant. It was the mounting number of rumors which caused her to call and ask Fund directly just to be certain.

MORGAN: (AT A HIGH PITCHED VOICE ALMOST ANGRY) You're not lashed back at!!! 
I mean all I have to do is tell her to shut up and she'll shut up.

A life time of experience had taught Morgan her mother was far, far too forgiving and easy to con.

JOHN FUND: Morgan ...(SHORT PAUSE) Within days of Colorado you told her.

MORGAN: Yeah, I was pretty hurt by your behavior there.

JOHN FUND: Well coming from someone who asks what they can do to make it up to me that's seems to be a little incongruous. Making it up to me did not include going out and lashing out and telling her...
MORGAN: Lashing out at you is not telling my mother, is not lying to my mother when she confronts me on something. 

Melinda was perfectly satisfied with Fund's denial in March. She knew Morgan lied but was about to find out Fund was equally untruthful and devious.

JOHN FUND: She was bluffing.

MORGAN: She was not bluffing. She had it from Craig. (THERE IS A PAUSE) I knew she had it from Craig.

Melinda and Craig had no communications after Arthur shot himself. The little get together between Morgan, Fund and Franklin in NY had resulted in other fall out but Melinda did not know about this. Yet.

JOHN FUND: She had a one-night stand from Craig, she had nothing else.


JOHN FUND: You told Craig.

MORGAN: What do you mean, I mean.

MORGAN: That Craig would confirm that I had a relationship with you. Is that odd? (SHORT PAUSE) I'm not the one who picked up the phone in the hotel room John, that was you.

JOHN FUND: I accept responsibility for that. (SHORT PAUSE) Look Morgan you've done your damage and (PAUSE) and go ahead and do what you want to me. I've got a long list of things to anticipate and I am fully expecting that some of it may happen but I think it is very short sighted and very spiteful of you if you do it.

Notice how focused John is on himself, his needs and how important he is. Morgan is up against the big league in ego here along with the NeoCon-honed training and philosophy supplied by Leo Strauss.

MORGAN: Look, I just told you I wasn't going to do anything. How many times do I have to..

JOHN FUND: You also told me you would never tell on .. (THERE'S A BEEP IN TAPE) and you managed to.

MORGAN: (SHE SIGHS) Yeah after you treated me really badly, John.

JOHN FUND: No. You come up with an explanation of New Orleans and how that  came out. You come up with an explanation of New Orleans that is credible 

MORGAN: Are you seriously telling me that she knew the hotel room?

JOHN FUND: Come up with an explanation from New Orleans. Come up with one. 
You can't. 

Melinda did not mention the New Orleans rumor in her conversation with Fund. It seemed to far fetched to her and there was no point after Fund's initial denial.


MORGAN: Yeah, I probably could.

JOHN FUND: No you can't. Not one that is credible (THERE IS A PAUSE) You can't.. So we are back to square one.

MORGAN: No, No we are not because now I know that you basically were just using me Because you just told me there was obviously there was no way the relationship could come out so it was obviously it was going to be a quiet relationship (PAUSE) and you would deny me completely. 


JOHN FUND: You think I was .. You think I wanted. You think I wanted your mother to know?

If it was more than just sex, if he wanted a relationship with Morgan, Melinda would have eventually heard about it. But she would have been relieved to know someone else was supporting Morgan, having tired of this long since.



JOHN FUND: Morgan, what are we talking about, we had this conversation in New York City. (THERE IS ANOTHER PAUSE) What are you talking about?

MORGAN: What that, that, I mean for honestly what you are telling me here..

JOHN FUND: Morgan, did the relationship change after February/March, the answer is yes. It changed for two reasons. One that it was extremely unset about what had happened, our joint responsibility and and was extremely upset because it became clear to me that things were known to her. (LONG PAUSE) I thought I could deal with it and I didn't and if you want to call that being using you no, the answer is no.

John's paranoia evidently became hostility toward Morgan. Melinda was busy trying to control her heart irregularity, caring for Arthur and her other son and going through a hellish divorce.

MORGAN: But John you didn't...

JOHN FUND: I took, I took you to a play, I took you to a movie, I tried, I tried get, I tried to make things better and it didn't get any better. I was still seething. So finally I decided to tell you why I was angry with you. If you want to believe I was using you go ahead and believe it. I don't think so and I don't know so. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) If you choose to believe that, that is your business.

MORGAN: John, if the relationship could never come out what is the point of it. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) I have never in my life been treated like a dirty secret.

And now Fund shares his fantasy about Melinda stalking him, though this certainly surprised her when she learned about it.

JOHN FUND: You know the reason. We had this discussion at the beginning, if you don't remember the discussion we had at the beginning then were dealing with two separate stages of reality.

MORGAN: I know you told me you wanted to keep it quiet and I thought that was for a while, I didn't know that was permanently.

JOHN FUND: Well guess what?

MORGAN: It was permanent?

JOHN FUND: No! No! By February or March I already knew that it hadn't been kept quiet. 



JOHN FUND: That one e-mail I will be willing to share with you. That one e-mail I will be willing to share with you.

MORGAN: Then what does it say?


JOHN FUND: It has enough of the details that I knew that someone had talked.

MORGAN: Was it from her?

JOHN FUND: No, it was from the man on the moon.

Melinda would also like to see this email.


MORGAN: Very funny. (THERE IS A PAUSE) That's impossible.

JOHN FUND: Well it happened. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE)

MORGAN: Alright. I want you to show it to me.

JOHN FUND: Fine, But things changed after that. Do you understand why? 
(THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Do you understand why?

You can't show someone something that does not exist.

MORGAN: I can understand why and I really wished you had discussed it with me.

JOHN FUND: I should've and I told you that in Colorado.

'Colorado' is the Dark Ages Weekend put on by David Horowitz. Morgan went with Craig, most likely, as she could not have paid for it herself at that point. Craig wanted her to introduce him to women. While she was there Morgan spent a lot of time with Manny Klausner and his wife, who Melinda had known for years while active in the Libertarian Party. Morgan probably confided in them, as she would have thought they might help her with Fund. Fund seems to have given her the cold shoulder then unloaded on her the idea Melinda had it in for him. He should have asked to be taken off the poetry list.


MORGAN: So when do you want to show it to me.


JOHN FUND: Well I just that depends on whether or not I get threatened again  immediately which Robert should put me into a defensive crouch. If I don't get threatened immediately I won't try to do it sooner rather than later. If I get threatened..

MORGAN: Why would you think she is threatening you? This is what I don't get. 

JOHN FUND: She is threatening me. 

MORGAN: What did she say?

JOHN FUND: She is threatening me!

Melinda was oblivious to this drama in the summer of 1999, busy with her sons, getting ready for the second phase of the trial and coping with the fact Craig was not paying the court ordered support.


MORGAN: Well obviously you are worried about her threats.

JOHN FUND: No, I am not worried about her because no one have ever done that successfully.

He was worried about what his fevered imaginatings of what Melinda might do. He did not know the state of Melinda's relationship with Morgan.


JOHN FUND: Threaten me.


MORGAN: What! This has come up before?


You can almost hear Fund thinking up something to change the direction of the conversation. What he was afraid of was that Melinda would tell people he was having sex with Morgan, simple as that. He knew this could cause him major trouble because he was up for a job as a speech writer for Bush, if he was elected, which he was. The campaign team was being careful to distance themselves from people who were involved in scandals.

JOHN FUND: I have spent the last six years being threaten by the Clinton administration.

Drudging up the Clintons was the ace in his hand. But the nasty attacks had been carried out by Fund. Melinda knew this because from the time Clinton was elected he called me regularly to tell me scandalous stories which he had fabricated. Melinda had stopped trusting him with the Black Love Child and trying to Kill the child's mother story around 1994.

MORGAN: Sighs.

JOHN FUND: I know all about threats. They've come after me, they've audited my taxes, they've tried to besmirch my reputation, they've have tried to attack my character.

MORGAN: Why did they do that?



MORGAN: Well, it's not over that Sid Vicious stuff, is it?

This was during the time Blumenthal was wondering if Fund had had a part in the phony story about Sid beating his wife. Fund and Drudge had put the story together one night, gloating the whole time. Later, Fund got drunk while with Morgan and spilled the beans.


JOHN FUND: Look Morgan, (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Am I worried about threats? No. Am I upset that I am threatened? Yes. I'm always threatened, I've been threatened for the last six years from these turkeys in the Clinton administration. I can deal with other people who want to threaten. 

MORGAN: Well then...

JOHN FUND: But that doesn't make me happy.

MORGAN: Well let me ask you something. If you're worried about these threats and you're worried about things happening.

JOHN FUND: There is a difference between being worried and being upset.

MORGAN: Okay. If you're upset about these threats and you certainly don't want to be threaten anymore which I take it is the case. Why in the world did you set yourself up for something like this? If I was just to be this dirty secret. I mean . Please.

Notice that it is all about Fund.


JOHN FUND: I didn't think you would go to this level. I really didn't expect that of you. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) And with the days of Colorado you didn't wait very long, you waited, you waited barely three or four days, barely three or four days.

And now they get into Morgan's shocking act. Calling her mother.

MORGAN: Who am I suppose to talk to about how I feel? I can't talk to you.<

JOHN FUND: Well guess what. From all of your previous conversations I sure didn't expect it to be your mother. From all of which you said about her. I sure didn't expect it to be her.

Melinda has no idea what Morgan could have said, except that it was a fabrication. But she would like to know. She was not surprised. By this time she had received several calls from friends letting her know what Morgan had told them.

MORGAN: You really didn't think that I would start talking to my mother again.

JOHN FUND: About this.

MORGAN: Sighs. (PAUSE) You didn't

JOHN FUND: About this.

MORGAN: No. About anything. I mean people have fallings out with their parents all the time.

JOHN FUND: What you described was not a falling out...

MORGAN: My mother discussed you with me and not just with me with everybody
in my family. With Janice Vargo. (THERE IS A PAUSE) That's a blast from the past isn't it.

Melinda said John came up in the conversation, especially after one of his calls with fabricated stories. Until then the conversations were not interesting enough to mention.

JOHN FUND: Look Morgan (THERE IS A PAUSE) I now have a better sense of why you were upset with me and why you were angry with me. Some of it I accept and some of it I don't. And ..

MORGAN: No you don't accept it you just, you just think that that nothing can happen.


JOHN FUND: What does that mean?

MORGAN: It's just that I'm a good little girl and I'll just go away.

This is how Morgan positions herself. No truth to it at all. Morgan never goes away, she will not give up when she wants something, even if it kills the person she wants it from.

JOHN FUND: No! You're .. If you want, if you want, if you want to get mad at me and you want to threaten me and you want to go off and do stuff to me more than you have already done you are allowed to do that.

MORGAN: More than I've already done! I haven't done anything! 


JOHN FUND: You've got a woman threatening me.

Melinda, a friend of Fund's since 1981, is now a woman threatening him. She hasn't made any threats and is oblivious to this drama.

MORGAN: It's my mother!

JOHN FUND: And I'm not supposed to take that seriously.


JOHN FUND: I'm not suppose to take it seriously. 

MORGAN: Look. You know what my mother wanted. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) She just wanted the truth from you. She didn't care.


JOHN FUND: I'm getting a series of threats from her. She does not want the truth. 


MORGAN: Sighs. What do you thinks she wants?

Notice John making up things which never happened.

JOHN FUND: Well I should've opened her e-mails earlier that probably why she is escalating.


JOHN FUND: I should've opened them earlier.

MORGAN: She, she was when I talked to her first she was extremely upset with me. (THERE IS A PAUSE) And she wanted to know what happened.

Actually, Melinda was not upset at all. She did not ask because she had it on good authority no relationship existed. Her conversation with Morgan, as far as it got, was stilted and Melinda expressed disbelief when Morgan then told her about her 'relationship' with Fund. Melinda told Morgan she had talked to Fund, and was ready for more lies when she was put on hold.

JOHN FUND: Well Morgan look. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) I thought my friendship was worth something you obviously chose it for it to be worth very little to you because you've now got a woman threatening me.

MORGAN: No, it meant a lot to me.

It meant finding a permanent sugar daddy, that is what it meant. She had missed with Eugene and was not getting any younger.

JOHN FUND: Well guess what you sure haven't showed it.


MORGAN: And not and and not discussing it with me letting me be alone consistently and not helping me out is a real good show of friendship John.


JOHN FUND: Morgan we've already gone over (THERE IS A PAUSE) our disagreement over what happened when you went through your emotional trauma. We've already gone over it..

Naturally, John is always justified and Morgan is always being needy and self-indulgent.

MORGAN: When I went through it. Do you think I'm not still in it? Do you know what I am dealing with, John? Do you have any idea what I have gone through? 


JOHN FUND: You have told me.

A SENTENCE HAS BEEN DELETED BOTH HERE AND ON THE TAPE. That I have serious problems. But nothing that I can't overcome and I that I am determined to …

JOHN FUND: You have decided, you have decided to make it worse by annihilating someone who did like you.

MORGAN: You never cared about me, if you had you would've have maybe..what.

JOHN FUND: You choose to believe that go ahead

MORGAN: I don't want to believe it. I tried to..

JOHN FUND: ------believe it, that's what you choose to believe.

The 'choose to believe' theme is how NeoCons think. They really believe any facts can be rewritten to support what they want to sell. This is why this tape is so instructive. Listen to the pattern of manipulation and lack of conscience and empathy.

MORGAN: No that's not what I choose to believe I just looked at the facts.

JOHN FUND: Did the relationship change in February and March?

Evasion – Redirect

MORGAN: Sighs. Yeah, I was pregnant!

JOHN FUND: No, did change, did it change, did it change after that?

Repeat: Evasion - Redirect

MORGAN: Oh, it did change after that. Yeah.

Success: Subject is now aligning with his chosen path of evasion

JOHN FUND: Well guess what you now know the god damn reason. (THERE IS A PAUSE) and it wasn't your pregnancy. It was, it was, it was you somehow indirectly or directly managed to violate a confidence. (THERE IS A PAUSE) It was direct specific nature. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) You somehow directly or indirectly caused that to happen. Cause it didn't come from me. 


Now Morgan begins her own creative writing story attempting to blame her mother.

MORGAN: Alright the only thing I can think of when I was searching my brain,racking my brain as to how she could have gotten the hotel room. The number and stuff? Is that I left notes when I was Uh writing things down. I only way I think she could have gotten is if I'm which she did have a key to my house. .came in and looked through my stuff. 


JOHN FUND: Well that was a mistake.

MORGAN: It was a mistake to write down where I am supposed to go.

Morgan has to think about this one, but Fund is now in the driver's seat.

JOHN FUND: Yes. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Everything changed after that. 
(THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Look your experience hurt me not as much you but it hurt me too. It hurt me deeply. And I was upset.

MORGAN: How come you didn't express it to me?

Morgan is the real problem.

JOHN FUND: Because I did and you're not remembering it! 


M,ORGAN: You told me you were upset. You didn't say...

Fund is, supposedly, a world trotting journalist. Why would he have effective communication skills?

JOHN FUND: Sighs. Morgan I can't have this conversation anymore. I know 
(LOUD BEEP IN TAPE)..If you chose not to full remember it. (PAUSE) I told you how upset it made me, I told you why it made me upset.

MORGAN; Why did it make upset? Cause I'm not remembering it? You want tell me know.

Fund is now inserting a conversation which never happened. First he had to rattle her so she no longer trusted her own memories.

JOHN FUND: Jesus Christ! (PAUSE) Sighs.I can't have a conversation with you.You choose to believe what you want to believe, you choose to remember what you want to remember. I cannot have a conversation with you.

MORGAN: Fine will have a conversation later.

Now we will go into the need for Morgan to anticipate whatever Fund wants without discussion. Check out other NeoCon lines of reasoning. This tactic is very present.


JOHN FUND: I told you, I told you about my responsibility, I told you about how much life meant to me. I told you all of that. You don't remember any of it. 


MORGAN: I remember a bit of it. Yes.

Morgan thought this meant Fund did not want her to have an abortion. No, he only wanted to be out of the loop and free of responsibility. It was a long and convoluted airing of emotions which Morgan turned off rapidly, not listening.

JOHN FUND: Then now you remember it, when you didn't remember it 5 minutes ago. 


MORGAN: Well I didn't think that you cared about the situation. I mean I know that you cared about what was going on but I didn't see (INTERRPUTION IN TAPE) any alternative.

JOHN FUND: You never gave me one.

Certainly not after that convoluted cover all possible contingencies monologue. Pregnant women want clarity, not a carefully constructed rationalization about why the pregnancy must have been by parthenogenesis.

MORGAN: I ...if you had called me back when I told you I was gonna have an abortion and you said think this over we have an alternative then things would have been different John but as far ...when I left that message on your voice mail you called me back and said is there anything I can do. Can I pay for it?


What! He gave you his sperm – what else did you want?

JOHN FUND: Jesus Christ. 

MORGAN: You never once before I got that abortion suggested to me that there was any alternative.

JOHN FUND: I believe you'd already made your decision.

Successful evasion, a good moment for Fund.

MORGAN: I didn't know what to do. I was hysterical. 

JOHN FUND: You told me you already made your decision.

MORGAN: I never,..I said that I had made the decision to have an abortion if you had said there are alternatives. I would have listened to you. But as far as I knew you were just saying to me well that just fine. That's what I want. If you had said no Morgan I have a real problem with it. Let's discuss alternatives then things would have been different but what am I suppose to do. I told you the situation. (PAUSE) I was moving to a place I didn't know all alone. I'm suppose to have a baby. 

This is getting to real life. Evasive action needed.


JOHN FUND: Sighs. Look (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) You choose to believe the worst in me and you choose to believe and you've got this very elaborate system where mother has shared some of my e-mails with me including some of the things in which I tried to deny something because I did not know at the time I was denying something she already knew. And if you choose to take Umbridge at that, that cover story and the other things that I came up with to try to protect myself and protect you I thought indirectly that's fine. I understand why you are upset and why you are mad. I know what I said, I know what the truth was and I know what lies I told and I know what I did. And I also know what I talked to you about and I also know what you choose not to remember now and obviously were are not going to have any resolution of this. You're mad at me and I'm mad at you.

But nothing is his fault.

MORGAN: Oh, now you're mad at me I thought you were disappointed. (THERE IS A PAUSE) We've moved up.

She was not supposed to get pregnant. It is her fault.

JOHN FUND: We've just moved up because of this ridiculous conversation that you have and in which it took me, it took me, it took me ..the ability to finally get mad for you to confess that I wasn't completely uncaring and unfeeling about it. It took you a long time to come up with them I had to get mad at you to get...

Anger is a great tool for manipulation.

MORGAN: How come you didn't tell me at the time that you didn't want me to have an abortion?

JOHN FUND: I didn't say I didn't want you to. I said I was willing to discuss it with you. You told me what your decision was. And you were crying and all of that. The last thing I was going to try to do was to talk to you about it. 

Fund works just like a greased pig. Hard to pin him down.

MORGAN: Well you know ...I was crying in February. You could have called me back before I had the abortion. Actually I was crying in March. You could have called me back and we could have discussed it but you never wanted to sit down and discuss it. I thought if you're so right to life and all this good stuff which you did tell me you were..

What! Call her? Too much like a real relationship.

JOHN FUND: No, no, no.Morgan, Morgan (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) We agreed earlier that we should have had a conversation. I never told you I was a strict right to lifer. I have respect for life and I also make judgment calls and I also have variations on that theme.

One wonders what Pat Robertson thought about this variation on the theme. At this time Fund is in the 700 Club, entirely chaste and proud of it.

MORGAN: No, I'm sorry I misspoke. You did not tell me you were a right to lifer. Okay. You told me that you didn' had respect for life. I remember that part of the conversation. We had a discussion about it. But never once in that discussion did you offer me an alternative. Did you say you know you don't have to do this Morgan? You never said that. Do you agree?

JOHN FUND: I never said that. (THERE IS A PAUSE) you also told me what your decision was unilaterally.

MORGAN: No, I told you I decided to have an abortion cause I could not …

JOHN FUND: ...which your decision...decision (both talking at once)

MORGAN: And you know what it was partially your decision too because this was your kid. If you felt that and you know ...if you took responsibility for it you could have said think about, lets think about it. Why didn't you say that? (PAUSE) Why didn't you offer me an alternative? Do I have to do all the talking? (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) You're taking someone who is emotionally distraught over this whole thing.

JOHN FUND: I was too.

Trump Move. Her feelings do not matter.

MORGAN: Her very first abortion.

JOHN FUND: I was too.

MORGAN: And not suggest something to me I mean I didn't know what to do, John.

JOHN FUND: You told me you already decided what you were going to do. 

MORGAN: Well I offer that as a suggestion because I knew..

JOHN FUND: Morgan, don't give me this crap you told me what you were going to do.

 MORGAN: I know, I called back and told you I've decided to have an abortion and I've scheduled it. But did you call me back and say you don't have to do this. No. It's something we should've discussed because we're both involved. 


No way he was going to interrupt a successful evasion. Problem was going away and he did not even have to pay for the abortion, just feed her cat for her.

MORGAN: And you think I needed emotional help when I got back here and I found Orcero(TK)...Do you know that some of the baby came out. 


JOHN FUND: I've had an, I've had an awful lot of details sent to me.

And these interrupted his whole-hearted joy in the woman he was laying while Morgan was having the abortion. More on this in later chapters.

MORGAN: On what the abortion now. Are you serious. This must be something you just got. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Oh what ___ sent you detailing the whole thing. Is that what happened now. 


JOHN FUND: I am aware of what you went through. (THERE IS A VERY LONG PAUSE) You had a decision to make after Colorado Springs, Morgan you could've either gotten mad and gotten even or you could've decided that maybe with time there could've been something that would've been supportive and perhaps we could've worked this out. And you chose to take the first course and not the later course. And that was your decision. 

Abortion talk over. On to the important stuff, like Morgan being insensitive to him.

MORGAN: No John you were making the rules at that point. I had no …

JOHN FUND: No, no.

MORGAN: I felt like I had no alternative but you just give into whatever you thought was best.

JOHN FUND: No, we had a friendship that we could've rebuilt. (PAUSE) and you chose to lash out and get back at me. Congratulations you succeeded. I hope it makes you feel good and I hope it gets you lots of benefits.

Pregnancy does not happen without being more than friends.

MORGAN: What benefits? I'm not asking for any benefits.

JOHN FUND: I hope that it gets you lots of benefits.

John repeats himself a lot. It worked for him in the WSJ, too.

MORGAN: I do not know what you are saying. Because I never asked you for anything. And I certainly have no intention of of blowing you apart. Why would I want to do that to somebody I cared about. Huh.

JOHN FUND: Morgan, Look. (PAUSE) I cared about and I got angry because the one thing that I asked you for I didn't get. Which was confidence. And I didn't.

No one will ever say NeoCons are not Confidence Men.

MORGAN: And it was never going to end. (PAUSE) Because you and I both believe that Melinda would have a freakfest if she found out..

JOHN FUND: (THERE IS A PAUSE) Morgan you chose to lash out at me and get even and you succeeded and I am now dealing with someone who is threatening me and who is saying you are threatening me. 

John should have thought this through more thoroughly. Melinda would forgive anything but being lied to. Stay tuned for Part II

MORGAN: Do you want me to call her off?

This was a real eye-opener for Melinda when she finally read all the way to the end of the transcript in 2012.

JOHN FUND: Morgan, you do whatever you think is best because you've always done that. 

MORGAN: Sighs.

JOHN FUND: I obviously don't have sufficient credibility to ask you anything because you were clearly mad at me, and clearly wanted to get back at me. 

MORGAN; No, I am not mad at you John.

JOHN FUND: You got back at me.

Telling Melinda is clearly very serious stuff. Now she will know he is a liar.

MORGAN: I am more..John you want to know what I am at you. I'm not mad at you. I was never mad you. I was hurt by you, but (PAUSE) I was never mad at you. I just wanted to talk. And..

...get married and not have to find a job.

JOHN FUND: I wish, I wish that I'd been able to give you more sympathy and more emotional support after the event. But I had a very rude surprise shortly thereafter. And that colored most of my thinking.

MORGAN: Sighs. You know..

JOHN FUND: And we should have talked about..

MORGAN: You know what I feel like, I feel like I am fighting an unknown enemy because you did this to me before. You tell me you get e-mails your not very specific so I don't know what charges I being dealt you know. It's like if somebody called you up and said oh but you are being charged with something in court and they wouldn't tell you what it is. And you have no..

JOHN FUND: All I can say is this. I know what you said about your mother her credibility and her truthfulness. And you have chosen now to accept her credibility and truthfulness so go live with it. Because in choosing her you are not choosing me and my credibility and my truthfulness.

Melinda would really like to know what was said about her. And what could she possibly have said when she did not know anything about Fund and Morgan until after listening to this tape? Clearly, Fund lived a very vivid fantasy life.

MORGAN: I have not made a decision.

JOHN FUND: You already have.

Yes, John, she had made a decision and you will not be happy with the outcome. But you were the one who failed to step up to the plate and marry her. Morgan is a traditionalist on this point.

MORGAN: By doing what. By talking to her in the first place. (THERE IS A PAUSE) I'm glad you're so amused.

Well, she needed the money. And also Morgan always went to Melinda when she could not get what she wanted. Morgan nagged Melinda for two weeks before she caved and wrote the emails Morgan needed to get into a relationship with Eugene Volokh. Morgan called her mother for help in making John marry her, as it turned out.

JOHN FUND: If I weren't amused I would be angry. I am being threatened and I'm ..a very specific list of what you are going to do to me sent to me.

MORGAN: Would you like to tell me what's on the list that I am supposedly threatening you with. I would love to know.

NeoCons evade specifics whenever possible. Americans now know the list of evasions, along with faux facts, for instance Weapons of Mass Destruction, are endless.

JOHN FUND: No, because if you are actually threatening me that's not exactly going to help me is it? You have put me in a very defensive position by sharing this with your mother and by incurring her wrath upon me, you have put me in a very defensive position. Now I have tried maybe perhaps with insufficient rigor or ability to try to stand in your shoes and understand how much emotional trauma you are going through. Would you understand what I am going through …

Melinda was not angry about the relationship but she was to be very annoyed by Fund refusing to talk to her. He was sorry he did that. Part II

MORGAN: Yes, I can understand that. I know that you feel betrayed. 

This there enough betrayal here yet?


JOHN FUND: Yes I do.

MORGAN: And I want you to know that I never meant to betray you. 

But betraying her mother and being paid to kill her evidently was not betrayal.


MORGAN: I felt like I had no alternative, John. 

You did not act like the guys in the movies, Morgan means. John was supposed to know he was trapped. Of course, Morgan is not much like a heroine herself. Accepting money to ensure your brother dies is frowned on.

JOHN FUND: Well find, but you managed to get your revenge because I am being threatened.

MORGAN: Why do you think its revenge because she's talking to you. She's an old friend of yours. 

JOHN FUND: She's not talking to me, she's threatening me. 

John really does not like poetry.

MORGAN: John you are really, I mean all you would have to do is call her up and talk to her about it and it would be all over. 


John may be an important NeoCon who was paid to harass Clinton but he is scared of Melinda

JOHN FUND: I don't deal with people who threaten me. Period end of conversation. I should've opened her e-mails earlier I didn't. I get hundred of e-mails.

MORGAN: Well, I know you do. 

But Morgan did not yet know how many John had on a similar string.

JOHN FUND: I get hundred of e-mails. Most of them are poems from her. I admit I open most of her poems but not all of them....

MORGAN: She sends you those too.

JOHN FUND: She sends me tons of poems.

Morgan knew Melinda had an email list which went to about a dozen people. Why didn't she mention this?

MORGAN: Yeah, I know.

JOHN FUND: Well guess what a couple of them were not poems, they were e-mails from her. And I didn't open them and I didn't read them..

MORGAN: Because you thought they were poems.

JOHN FUND: I thought they were poems. I thought I could get to them eventually. (THERE IS A PAUSE) So now she has escalated.

MORGAN: You know John she's not escalating, she is looking out for her daughter. Have you ever thought of that. Have you ever thought of how she must feel?

No, actually, how other people feel is a mystery to Fund. But he does not care, anyway.


JOHN FUND: Morgan, 



JOHN FUND: Regardless of what you did or didn't tell anyone you made a mistake because a few days after Colorado you decided to open this whole can of worms. And I understand why you did it and I understand how angry you must have been at me but it only made, but it only making matters worse. Because I don't bear grudges forever but when I am threatened it makes matters a whole lot worse. Because I don't respond well to threats. (PAUSE) I just don't.

This was the first conversation Melinda had with Morgan. Morgan lied. What else is new?

Stay Tuned for Part II and insights into how the NeoCons pulled off the War in Iraq with the well compensated assistance of Bill and Hillary.