Who Are They?

Explaining the NeoCons and their Employers

The NeoCons aren't nearly as nice as you thought. Neither are their employers

When I first met John Fund he was an awkward, dumpy fellow who walked with a glump. He has not actually changed much. This goes to show you nasty people can look pathetic, too. In some cases this might be to elicit sympathy. But it could be just the way they are.

This is a website about people who are mostly not nice. A significant number of them are either NeoCon Employees, like Irving Kristol and his son, Bill, or Greedville Employers of one kind of another, for instance Charles and David Koch.  

Making up 'ideologies' and 'philosophies' to con the masses is one of the oldest con games around. Ask Karl Marx. NeoConservatisim is an extreme form of this because it is so tightly circular.

I want it and know I should have it. Therefore I'm justified when I lie, cheat, and steal to get it.” Just imagine the glee in Greedville when this 'political philosophy' was floated.

Greedville is the term we use to describe the spectrum of these folks from banking to energy, transport, military-industrial complex, and to Big Food and Big Retail. This is Greedville. What they have in common is a business plan which redirects the created wealth of billions into their coffers.

The most publicly visible Neocon Employees we will be poking into here are Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and their good friend, a political operative who works undercover as a journalist, John Fund.

Over a period of several years a largish number of these people cooperated on a project made necessary by the nasty personal habits of John Fund. That is why this is the John Fund Site but the Time Line and narrative includes these other people, who are listed below.

Our Persons of Interest
(Listed in alphabetical order)

Eric Alterman 

Sidney Blumenthal

Dick Cheney 

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton  

Michael Emerling Cloud 

Craig Franklin  

Jonathan Scott Franklin

John Fund 

Morgan Barteaux Gell 

Gail Heriot

Charles Koch

David Koch

Jacqueline Misho  

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester 

Dan O'Dowd

Karl Rove