Saturday, September 1, 2018

Basta! No one else will tolerate getting screwed by John Fund -- left, right, or libertarian

My reaction to the WeaselSearch "Sex Lies and the Tape - The John Fund Story" 
as notated by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster; 
by Brock d'Avignon, Executive Producer, 
Freedom Interactive Television Networks Association (FITNA):

John Fund is a hypocrite on abortion as a social conservative. Fund is also driven to paranoic invention about those who can call him on his hypocrisy, even if the criticism was only not to actively oppose an abortion over two months, when he should have married Morgan Pillsbury (now Gell), or have volunteered to financially support the abortion, or parentage responsibilities. His silence spoke volumes of hypocrisy. No, Melinda didn't know about it, and you did. Its not nice to fool Morgan, or Mother Nature.

Fund over-reacts with lies and cover stories to perceived threats, when there are none except his own guilt of getting caught without a conscience; such as siring the daughter of his activist friend of years Melinda, Morgan's mother, who he asked for her children to call him "Uncle John". Potential Pillsbury family reactions to his known relationship with Morgan, as stated to Melinda from his own mouth complimenting Morgan as the only person who ever understood him, should be anticipated with happiness, not hiding the relationship(s). That Morgan, another uncaring psychopath in my opinion, could not even understand Fund's psychological neglect, physical fisticuffs abuse, and penny-pinching in dire circumstances he created; would have newsworthy repercussions. Not just making police photo / evidence disappear with friends in high places. Visual Transparency is a severe threat to John Fund, as it should be. Invisibility in a chain of evidence over the years, doesn't work.

John Fund fancies himself a master of diversionary tactics that fall apart on anyone's timeline. Psychopaths seem to make the assumption that other people will never compare notes about their actions or inactions. His many self-created crises are significant to those of us who care about freedom. John Fund is an inept Neo-conservative political operative. Unlike James Bond, Fund leaves classified and politically sensitive papers and faxes to/from President George Bush and Fund's top 1&2 phonedial buddies Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, strewn around in messes on floors around his desks. His curious and uninformed helpmeet Morgan, through asking questions of others about what she is cleaning up -- like what's the difference between EBay and Uday, wreak havoc on neo-con's nefarious activities. An exposé of Bush trying to keep Saddam Hussein in-country in Iraq when Saddam is willing to leave; with the presidential requested help of the Clintons, is newsworthy. Why? The neo-con's plan then results in the death of millions of people, so mere reclamation of nationalized oil assets to private companies can occur, and the Iraqis "can pay for their own liberation". The Middle East is the only place where oil is thicker than blood, except in John Fund's not-so-private life. What makes war criminals, into war criminals? Pre-meditation is one criteria.

I can say since knowing of him and positive expectations of him by libertarian intellectuals since 1980, John Fund has never done anything constructive for freedom, even when asked; unless regurgitating other's research or previous articles to pretend to be a journalist, counts. He gets journalist jobs for himself and others, including women, that ally with him as monetary payoffs to create fake news, suppress news, or ignore real news of solutions that might actually solve problems in freedom for freedom's sake. They aren't very good columnists or Fox personalities, and are let go sooner than later; but they make a few bucks besmirching others on his enemies list for awhile. Weird fluff work in "us versus them" divisiveness, if you can get it. 

Morgan, is a mercenary liar, and has been paid in a smear campaign against her mother by others too with billions to lose fiscally. Those who cross-check advanced tech sources, like I do, don't buy what they are peddling to save their skins, killtron contractor corruption, and off-shore bank accounts. Morgan really did understand John Fund. Others of us understand but disagree with Fund's values, lack of ethics, or morality.

Fund's timing with bungling is most certainly destructive to open discourse about candidates before the American people. One of his dirty tricks that comes to mind is Fund's lying in mass distributed print for Bushco about Presidential Candidate John McCain as having a black lovechild -- days before major primaries in 2000. Getting caught in lies didn't seem to matter to him as a neo-con operative. Fund had to hide under his desk when McCain came upstairs at the Wall Street Journal to confront him with righteous anger. Fund received the "Brown Badge of Courage" from his WSJ co-workers for crapping in his pants. I haven't bothered to read, nor source, formerly conservative National Review since John Fund became a columnist of its opinions researched by others that he parrots, and more dubious "news". I knew M. Stanton Evans; and John Fund, you're no M. Stanton Evans.

Fund's other on-going neo-con con is to masquerade as a libertarian at libertarian events.  Its unfortunate John Fund threatens women he has encountered and manipulated over the years, with being banished from activist media or worse. Defying him is punished by his modus operandi to hiss & slander them behind their backs verbally without record, so conservatives and libertarians give pause to doing business with them. I have seen results of Fund's backbiting subterfuge cost Melinda Pillsbury media business relationships with two previously friendly libertarians at Freedomfest this Summer 2018. Sudden Silence is not golden. John Fund is not too good at that either in the age of #MeToo where brilliant lady libertarians will talk more freely to others there too. 

I will be doing some clean-up behind John Fund too. Guys aren't buying John Fund's crap anymore either. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is pretty tough stuff now running interactive TV coast-to-coast who can invite more truth, validity, and cogency than John Fund can stand from many individuals. Melinda also has lots of material secreted around the world to come to light in case anything should happen to her, her family (even estranged strange Morgan), friends, or allies. Anyone taking money from John Fund, Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, Dick Cheney or corporations Green Hills Software, INTEGRITY Global Systems/Security (Integrity in this case does not mean a "Water-Tight Alibi"), Halliburton, drone and surveillance contractors -- don't even think about it as I have friends with real integrity in 90 nations. 

There are decades of good people who know Melinda's veracity, achievement in organizing genuine solutions enhancing liberty, and real character. Your Junior assistant minions, petty to deadly reputation destruction of other people is at an end.  There are also too many now who do understand you. Leave the world of pseudo-journalism John, the jig up,  no one else wants to get screwed. Least of all you.  Get an honest job.  
Enough political operative work for NeoCons.  Enough disinformation generation.  If you try it again, I will be proud to be threatened by the John Fund who doesn't take the threat of truth too well, 
Brock d'Avignon