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April 27, 2006  

From: AntiWar.com 

COMMENT - Eric Garris and Justin decided in 2006 it was time to stop waiting for John to do something for them to pay them off for not having outed him years earlier.  So, this article was produced, this being the later version from which was removed mention of John's having battered Morgan, my biological daughter, product of a my first, very short marriage to her psychopathic father, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Psychopathy is inheritable, unfortunately.  

I had asked Eric for help when I was struggling to get the truth out about what was happening two years before.  They blew me off, even though I had been a member of the Radical Caucus and helped them on multiple occasions.  I understood what was going on.  Fund had more potential to be useful to them than did I at that point in time.  

For the record, I have long since forgiven them.  All of us are human, and make wrong choices on occasion. 

I immediately responded with the article directly below theirs.  Mine shows it was published on the 26th.  I assume the date was changed on theirs because of their hasty removal of the domestic violence and attempt on Morgan's life.   

Raimondo Article:

John Fund, former editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal and now a familiar talking head on cable gabfests, used to hang out with libertarians. He even used to claim to be one. Back in the day, he would visit the offices of Libertarian Review to chat with the editor – the late Roy A. Childs, Jr. – and anybody else who happened to be in the vicinity. Everybody thought he was a nice guy. Boy, were they wrong…

In the early 1980s, he started working for Bob Novak and the late Rowland Evans as a reporter, then rose through the journalistic ranks to become deputy features editor of the Wall Street Journal and a member of the editorial board. He spent much of the ’90s rolling in the muck of Monica-gate and building a career as a 100-percent-certified neocon shill. He is now a columnist for the WSJ, where his latest screed against the admission of a former Taliban supporter to Yale appeared alongside his attempt to smear Professor Juan Cole and torpedo that distinguished scholar’s prospective appointment to the Yale faculty. MORE

April 26, 2006

John Fund vs the Truth: How Liberty Lost


In Justin Raimondo's article titled, John Fund vs. the Truth, online yesterday morning at antiwar.com, Justin illuminates the many failings of Fund, former WSJ editorial page editor and now columnist for that increasingly questionable publication. If you examine the publications that have been used as tools for planting opinion and values useful to NeoCons for the past 50 years the WSJ will always be high on the list.

In the first paragraph of his article Justin links to an article by John Connolly titled, Sex, Lies, and the Tape, from 2001 which recounts the story of Fund's involvement with my daughter, Morgan Pillsbury and includes a transcript of the tape Morgan made to persuade me that she was telling the truth about their relationship in autumn of 1999. I had refused to believe her since her own veracity had proven to be questionable. I thought I could trust John, at least personally. I also thought that both Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo were my friends. Wrong on all counts.  MORE


August 13, 2014

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

What does Saddam Hussein's death have to do with Domestic Violence?

In November, 2002 I was asked, Is Qusay something like E-Bay?” The query came from my now estranged daughter, Morgan Pillsbury Gell. That November, Morgan was in hiding with a sympathetic family in Georgia, following an attempt on her life by John Fund, her former boy friend.

Although Fund was employed at the Wall Street Journal as a journalist, and served on their Editorial Board, his real job was as a political operative for the Bush Administration, work he had begun for the Koch brothers in 1979, while claiming to be a registered Libertarian.

Lying to the public, manufacturing evidence, and destroying lives, was standard practice for the NeoCons in control of the Bush W. White House. John came into his association with them already trained. As an operative, John Fund inserted fabricated information into public consciousness. Protecting him was important. Protecting their constructed scenario for the War in Iraq being sold to the public, was even more so.

In the years leading up to the opening of the War in Iraq ordinary Americans still believed those in control of their government understood their obligation to act only on the facts and act justly. We were wrong.

This narrative uses one story, a minor one, in the larger scheme of things, to illustrate the ruthlessness and lack of conscience at the core of the Bush Administration which continued with Obama.  MORE