Time Line

The Timeline below is being extended to include all of the individuals known to have conspired to slander, defraud or bring about the death of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster during the period of 1980 to 2021.   These individuals are:  

Morgan Pillsbury Gell, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux
John H. Fund
Morgan, You Must Be in Tower One When The Bank Opens! Replace My Bankcard!
Beat Morgan Up! So She'll Write She Was Not Beaten -- This Time Get It Notarized!
WaterBoarding Worked -- We Got The Written Statements, Didn't I!

We pause to shuffle what you think is happening.
 Michael L. Emerling, also known as Michael Emerling Cloud and Larry M. Emerling
Craig Franklin
 Craig Franklin's Sex Family
Craig likes them young and trusting

and To Hell and Back!
Jonathan Scott Franklin
Still serving time for hiring a hitman to kill his wife.  
Craig's first words on learning this were, "That was stupid, they always suspect the husband first!"
Dan O'Dowd
 Story coming!
Jay E. Gell
Story coming!

Dick Cheney 
Beat Morgan Up! So She'll Write She Was Not Beaten -- This Time Get It Notarized!
WaterBoarding Worked -- We Got The Written Statements, Didn't I!

We pause to shuffle what you think is happening.

When you have transcripts, voice mails, depositions, affidavits, old love letters and other forms of proof it provides a depth of insight which the disordered generally think they can ignore.  

NOTES:  If you find a broken link, or one which no longer exists, contact me so I can repost the exhibit.  I was told in early July 2018 by a journalist, who has reason to know, John is attempting to clean up his online presence.  See more at 
due-diligenceWhere the link has been hacked I put up the URL so you can copy and go there.  

Morgan Gell was my first-born child from my first marriage, which took place when I was 17.  Her father, Richard L. Barteaux was a psychopath, as is Morgan.  The link leads to a compilation of events over the course of his life, ending with his death in 2004. Morgan's husband, Jay, who frequently posts lies about me, is for disinformation hire.  One of his former employers, Van Hughes, now deceased, once told me he is good for research but not to trust his other assertions about competence.  Van also gave me his opinion on Morgan; not favorable. He knew Jay and Morgan well and took them out for diner after their wedding, having stood in as best man.

Other People You Will Meet Here

Craig Franklin - See Website
     Melinda's former husband.  Craig is a pedophile with a specific sexual fascination.  He wanted to rape very young girls who trusted him and called him Daddy.  Melinda learned this after their divorce from one of Craig's girl friends, Anne, from her two daughters, Dawn and Ayn.  Melinda also received evidence from a private detective she hired to obtain Craig's residence address for service of process. 

Dan O'Dowd - Craig's boss at Green Hills Software, Inc., a drone contractor for the DOD.  
See Drone Free Zone   and:
The Scheme thought up by Dan and Craig over lunch
Just like the movie, it was a swap.  Craig would recruit critical personnel to walkout when Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower was trying to carry out the due diligence so he could met the minimal amount of $47million Dan had demanded to be bought out by Glenn.  I say minimal because the company was worth $350 million and Glenn had provided all of the funding.  Dan was to ensure I was left penniless and double that large grant of stock Craig had already received.  

                                              The Saga of John Fund and his friends

All of the individuals involved with John Fund and two of his co-conspirators Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove, are included in this Time Line - Narrative, which is a little complex, as you will see.

1979 - John Fund gets his first job as a political operative working for Ed Crane and the
            Kochs to gain control of the Libertarian nomination for president.  I believe, having
            been there and seen what happened, the nomination was stolen.    

1981 - Summer -   Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Janice Vargo take a trip to Northern
             California to visit family and see  friends from the Libertarian Party.  Stopping in
             Sacramento they meet John  Fund, who has promised them a tour of the Capitol. 
             John uses the occasion to ask Melinda to have her brother, Charles Arthur Pillsbury, 
             who is a Legislative Assistant and in law school at Davis, to get him a job.  Surprised, Melinda told him she would prefer he did not. 

            Melinda later learns from her brother John contacted him directly and told him he
            was her boy friend, which was untrue. 

1982 - John Fund begins an internship with Evans and Novak with money provided by a 
           fundraiser put on by Melinda's supporters in California.
  At this time, Melinda did not know Fund had been working for the Crane Machine to take the LP Nomination for President.  This information was withheld by Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo who admitted this in their newsletter for Anti War in 2006, when, according to Lew Rockwell, they accepted he would never pay them off for having covered for him.  Garris and Rockwell were both Crane supporters.  

1983 - John goes to work at Evans and Novak in Washington D. C., working part time writing for The Star.  John told Melinda this on a phone call at the time. 

1984 - April - At the recommendation of Robert Novak, Fund is hired at the Wall Street
            Journal as a deputy editorial features editor.

1985 -  Fund named a member of the WSJ Editorial  Board.  He will remain so until 2001. 
            Craig asks so Melinda to marry him and insists they buy a different house.  He accepts an offer from Green Hills Software (GHS) so he can relocate to the Los Angeles area from nothern California.  Dan O'Dowd has been unable to make Green Hills successful.  Then he realizes Craig was responsible for the only sales they had made.  
Craig persuades Melinda to sell her house, now appreciated in value, and use this for a downpayment of $60,000 on the house he wants.  He borrows $60,000 from GHS, to be repaid after they are married.

1986 - October - Fund becomes an editorial page writer specializing in politics and 
1987 - Craig demands Melinda  have plastic surgery on her nose so she will look like his sister, Priscilla.  Melinda agrees to this after they can afford it and their debts are all paid.   This is because, Melinda later learns, Priscilla is the ideal for Craig's sexual fantasies.  His first arousal took place when he was wrestling with her.  Craig was 16, Priscilla was 12. Melinda's condition for marriage is for Craig to file his Back tax returns.  Craig has never filed has never been able to stay at a job for longer than 2 years because he is continuously garnisheed by the IRS.  
Craig went as far as having the IRS forms filled out by Melinda's tax preparer, Doug Thorburn.  Craig brought the forms home, showed them to Melinda and signed them.  He then hid them at work. 

NOTE:  In 1988 Melinda is married to Craig Franklin and views John as an old friend. In the interim, 1988 - 1999, Melinda's youngest daughter, who was admitted to Mt. Holyoke, ends up going to Hillsdale on John's recommendation.  This was a questionable choice since Mt. Holyoke was far superior and cost the same.  John continually asks Melinda to have Ayn come see him when he is at Hillsdale speaking.  Ayn declines to do so.
1989 - Craig insisted Melinda's former husband, Ron, give up his paternal rights so he can become the legal father of Melinda's children.  This will be done by will.  Craig knew this was legal but no action by the court would be on the record.  Craig's father was the Vice President of the Law at USC and Craig had learned the law over the dinner table as a child.  Craig made a minor change in his will in 1991, having paid off a debt to his brother, Sterling.

Exhibit 24 - Franklin Wills, 1989 and 1991

1990 - Craig batters Melinda,slamming her against the car in late November.  She is about 8 months pregnant. In December she learns the baby has died. 
1991 - Melinda arranges to take her father to an event in Springville, where her parents had lived after Dr. Pillsury's retirement from UCLA.  Melinda had never been able to take her Dad to the Ham Dinner the Lions Club put on each year and knew it was unlikely he would be well enough to go the next year because his health was failing.  Her mother had died in 1987 and unable to handle the work around the house he had moved to Goleta to live with Anne Gripp, their oldest child. 

Craig insisted on the morning of the Dinner, which took place in the early afternoon, they look at a cabin for sale in the area where their family cabin had been. Melinda is horrified.  The place is not finished.  There is no kitchen, no flooring,the walls are not finished, the plumbing is not finished, andthe price is far too high, $80,000, for the condition it is in. Craig insists on buying it, he says, because he loves her and knows it will make her happy.  He promises it will cost no more than $400 a month, which only now can they barely afford. Grudgingly, Melinda agrees.  Craig keeps talking to the agentas Melinda,frantically watches her watch.  

They are too late for the Ham Dinner. Morgan drove Dr. Pillsbury to Bakersfield to make his plane back to  Santa Barbara.  Soon, Melinda will discover, to her horror, that their monthly payment for the cabin she does not want is exactly the same as their house payment. 
The financial struggle is terrible; there is no relief in sight.  Also, GHS has relocated to Santa Barbara and pressure begins to build for them to relocate. 

On April 12, 1991 Melinda's father dies.  Melinda inherits enough to ease the financial strain.  Craig agrees to repay her.  This will never happen.

The pressure to move to Santa Barbara from Dan O'Dowd continues to increase.  Melinda finds a house they can rent in the Upper East Side. 
 1993 - October Melinda moves the family to Santa Barbara.  Morgan stays in the house in North Hills.
1994 - January 17 - The Northridge Quake causes $250,000 in damages to their house in North Hills. Morgan is living there and calls to demand Melinda come down to help her and bring supplies.  Melinda immediately does so.  It will take two years to find a contractor to begin the needed repairs so the house can be sold.  
 1994 April - Melinda's sister, Anne, has a heart attack inTokyo, where she is showing her entries from her business the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.  Melinda has been waiting to her from her; they planned to take all of their children,together, to Disneyland,which they have never been able to do before. 

Melinda flys to Tokyo to be with her sister. Anne and the Gifts Life Brings

 1997 - January - Melinda learns to her horror Craig has never filed his taxes, as promised.   Craig feels ill and goes to the hospital.  Melinda confronts they will lose their home in Santa Barbara and the house they have not yet sold in North Hills in the San Fernando Valley, which suffered $250,000 in damage during the Northridge Quake in 1994.  Melinda goes to Craig's work and finds secreted there 29 boxes in his office holding records, dirty underwear, porn, and other items he appears not to have wanted her to see.  She takes these home and begins to assemble the records Doug Thorburn will need to do the taxes. She finds the unfiled returns  Doug had prepared years earlier and mails these to the IRS.  She also begins talking to the IRS and the California State Franchise Board.  
 She discovers many people suffer from an inability to file their taxes and tells  Craig she will get back all the money he is owed.  
Craig tells her if she can do that she can keep any refunds returned by the IRS.  She then makes an appointment for him with a psychologist.  Craig makes two appointments and then walks out of the third.  It was enough.  The psychologist writes a letter to the IRS stating Craig is incapable of filing his taxes. 
Craig's commissions from Green Hills are being garnisheed.  Melinda becomes aware Craig is receiving money from GHS despite this, but it is not to enough to pay the mortgages on two houses and the cabin.  
Then, the tax refunds begin to come in.  Eventually, this will be enough to pay off all of their outstanding debts, which Melinda does, not telling Craig.  She wants to surprise him.  

Melinda manages to sell the house in North Hills, moving Morgan into an apartment in West Los Angeles, for which Melinda will pay.  This is closer to her boyfriend, Eugene.  Melinda decorates the apartment for Morgan and buys her furniture.  

September 27 - Arthur, their son, is in an accident while riding his motorcycle.   Melinda spends all day, arriving early at the hospital, holding Arthur, who is in a coma, while the scabs and removed from his arms and body each morning.  His face suffered fractures and severe damage along with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  His right arm was almost severed.  
He is not expected to live.  Melinda demands they reconstruct his face and give him a chance to live.  After coming out of the coma and stabilizing Arthur is transferred to a rehabilitation unit.  

Craig suggests the family go to Disneyland for Justin's birthday, which they do.  He then demands they go to Hawaii for Christmas.  He also demands his son, Scott and Scott's girl friend be included.  The expense of this shocks Melinda, who wants a simple Christmas at home.  Craig insists his commissions are gushing in and they do not need to economize.  Melinda is emotionally exhausted, but agrees, and makes all of the arrangements. 
What was actually happening was this.  Green Hills arrangement with Craig was that he had to request payment before money could be paid.  Craig was not requesting payments

Much later, Melinda later realizes Craig's deal with Dan O'Dowd was being discussed and finalized during this period.  
Statement of Ayn Pillsbury, presented to the court March 1999

January 22, 1998 - “Citation for Conservatorship,”  issued by the Superior Court of Santa 
                                  Barbara, Case No. 222783, Judge Thomas R. Adams, Dated January 22,
                                 1998, naming her as conservator for her disabled son, Arthur.  Melinda
                                  remains Arthur's caretaker in 2021.
               23              Craig calls Melinda in the evening to tell her his is divorcing her and will be
                                  by for his possessions on Saturday. 
 Melinda realizes she is short of money, having paid of the bills for the Hawaiian vacation and Craig's credit card.  She needs to find an attorney. 
Craig's attorney goes into court and states that none of the children are Craig's.  Morgan will later state under oath that she was there and opened the house so Jacqueline Misho, Craig's attorney could go through all of Melinda's papers.  She watched as Misho copies all files on Melinda's computer and took papers of out folders.  
A copy, unsigned, of the 1991 will was in Melinda's computer.  In late 1999 Melinda found the original will from 1989 in a portfolio for graphics.  Melinda had used the back of it for a project but  the sides print were perfectly preserved.

Morgan also stated under oath that Craig had assembled a 'Team', made up of herself, Scott, and Michael Emerling, to plan with him the means for destroying Melinda.  Plans discussed included ways to cause a heart attack and other means for bringing about her death.  The 'Team' also reviewed the success of their previous strategies. 
In the first week of March, Craig called Melinda and proceeded to tell her he wanted to stay in Arthur's life and would like to have Arthur have lunch with him.  Melinda was overwhelmed with happiness, and crying agreed.  A date for the lunch was set.  Melinda told Arthur, who was obviously touched and happy.   
Melinda drove Arthur to the restaurant and told him to call her when he wanted to be picked up.
About an hour and a half later Arthur slammed into the house and rushed to his room.  He refused to tell his mother what had happened.  Melinda called Craig, who said he had no idea what might have upset him.  Bewildered, Melinda did not know what to do.  After trying for several days she realized Arthur's distress was not diminishing and discovered Arthur had swallowed some household cleanser and tried to cut himself.  She called his physician who arranged for Arthur to go into a treatment program, starting the next Monday.  
Learning this, Arthur asked if he could spend the weekend with Ron at his home in Reseda.  Melinda called Ron, who agreed not to let Arthur leave the house alone and to keep all weapons out of his presence.  Melinda sent an agreement, which Ron signed.  

Sunday, March 22, 1998 - Arthur Foster shoots himself through the palate into the brain. 
Sunday, March 22, 1998 - Melinda, waiting to hear when Ron will drop off Arthur, receives a call from Ron telling her Arthur is in Northridge Hospital, having shot himself through the brain.  Ron is obviously distraught.  Hysterical, Melinda is shaking too badly to drive safely and calls Craig to ask him to drive her.  She will drop him at the train station.  Craig agrees, remaining entirely calm and showing no concern.  Melinda had packed a bag, leaving Justin, who did not want to come, with his sister, Dawn, who was at the house.

Justin had been badly impacted by these events and was refusing to leave his room. 
March 28, 1998 - Morgan calls Melinda at the hospital and tells her she needs a heart
                              transplant, attempting to persuade her to turn off Arthur's life support.  
                              This is a flat lie.  She was paid $10,000 to do this by Craig Franklin, who
                              made the payment as noted as 'for her heart problem.'   He was well aware
                              Morgan had no such problem.  

                             This payment is mentioned in a conflict between Franklin and Morgan.
                             Franklin wanted to be repaid as Morgan was not able to ensure her brother
                             did not survive.   

                          Melinda reminds Scott of his previous behavior which made it impossible to
                          trust him with the other children.  

September 1998 - Eugene Volokh, who Morgan has been dating for over two years, dumps

NOTE:  A few documents are included from the divorce to show what was at stake for Craig and Dan O'Dowd and also to establish the ongoing cooperation between Craig and John Fund.

September 17, 1998 - Documents from law suit filed by Glenn Hightower against Dan 
Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 7, Nos a, b., c, d, and e, are true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of the following court documents: 
[a.] Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, September 17, 1998, DECLARATION OF WAYNE B. WEISMAN FILED BY APPLICANT GLENN HIGHTOWER IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION”
[b.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, HIGHTOWER'S OPPOSITION TO O'DOWD'S MOTION FOR ORDER DISSOLVING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999, Filing Date September 2, 1998; [c.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, RESPONSE TO OBJECTION TO (PROPOSED FIRST MODIFIED INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999; September 17, 1998
[d.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.
[e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.  

October 26, 1998 - Morgan is on a trip to New York, London and Paris with Craig, her adopted 
                        father when on October 26th, she begins a sexual relationship with John Fund.
                       Melinda is in the hospital for a corneal transplant. 

March 8, 1999 -  MORGAN - Record of Abortion
                              The abortion took place March 8, 1999 at Pacifica Women's Health Care in
                              Los Angeles 

                           Declaration by Melinda's daughter, Ayn, which includes testimony of abuse
                           of Melinda by Franklin. 

                           Declaration by Melinda's daughter, Ayn, which includes testimony of abuse
                           of Melinda by Franklin. 
                          Craig continually stole my mail, or had it stolen and changed the address for 
                          bills to be received as a form of harassment.  Melinda was told this was
                          standard operating procedure for Misho Clients and the informant believed 
                          Misho instructed them in how to do this. 

June 5, 1999 - Inventory of Property in House, ordered by the Court. Exhaustive inventory
                         itemizing all items in the marital house. 

                       Declaration itemizes lies told to Doug by Morgan. 

August 16, 1999 - Divorce Judgment, August16,1999,” From the Superior Court of Santa 
                                 Barbara from of Melinda's divorce from Craig Franklin, Case No. 222675. 
                                 Awarded stock, to be paid for by Franklin, she never received it.   
September, 1999 -  The Weasel Search Tape is made.  Morgan sends it to Melinda for safe
                                   keeping.  Melinda gives it to her attorney. 
                                   Melinda was not speaking to Morgan because she had discovered 
                                   Morgan was being paid $5,000 a month to slander and libel her by
                                   her then husband,  Craig Franklin and $10,000 by Craig to persuade her to
                                   turn off Arthur's life support.

Morgan  left California supposedly to work for Matthew Earl Jones in
                                   New York.  She told Melinda this did not work out but there is no 
                                   evidence this was ever true.  The evidence leads to the conclusion 
                                   Morgan was having sex with Craig by September of 1998 after Eugene 
                                   dumped her and she lost her other value to Craig.  In NY she began a 
                                   sexual relationship with John Fund.  This was known to Craig because 
                                   Morgan was occupying another room from Craig's and Fund answered 
                                   the phone in the morning when Craig was calling Morgan. 

                                   By report from Morgan, the two men agree to cooperate to destroy
                                   Melinda's credibility.  Subsequent events support this partial 

                             Morgan calls and records Craig Franklin admitting to fraud during his
                             divorce from Melinda. Craig is in Georgia at the time, attending a libertarian
                            conference, Advocates for Self-Government.       
October 27, 1999  - 
Fax to the Wall Street Journal
                                  John refuses to answer Melinda's questions.  Within 90 seconds this
                                  fax is headed to the WSJ central receiving point.  Melinda is later told it 
                                  was copied at least 5 times before hitting Fund's desk.   

November 28, 1999 -  “Arthur Foster Medical Letters,” These document the permanence of 
                                the disabilities resulting from two major brain injuries.  

December 2000 - January 2001
                                 Phone Bill from NYC Apartment, Rivergate 
                                 John Fund calls one of his girl friends while staying with Morgan at 
                                 Melinda's apartment in New York at the Rivergate on 34th Street.  
                                 Misho, and Does 1 – 100, Superior Court of the State of California, 
                                 County of Santa Barbara, Case No. 233136, 2nd Amended Complaint for 
                                 (1) Battery, (2) Fraud/Conspiracy to commit Fraud (3) Declaratory 
                                 Relief a true and exact copy of the original that is in my possession, which
                                 was filed by Porter against GHS and principals. 

July 22, 2000   -   JOHN FUND'S WOMEN - Diane Sykes

February 22, 2001 -  “Morgan Pillsbury Deposition,”in the matter of  Case No. 233136. 
                                 The suit was settled before Morgan could read the deposition and 
                                 certify it as true and accurate.  It was therefore illegal for it to be given 

February 30, 2001 - GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE  Power of Attorney-  presented as 
                                  providing Melinda with absolute protection.

March 1, 2001 - Green Hills Software Settlement Agreement  

May 24, 2001 - Loan Document: Morgan
                            Morgan was asked to go to Santa Barbara and meet Craig in the office of 
                            Jacqueline Misho, Craig's attorney.  There, he demanded she sign a loan 
                            agreement for the money he had already paid her for assisting him to 
                            destroy Melinda.  

July 2001 - Morgan moves in with John at his apartment in Jersey City.  Against advice and objections from Melinda Morgan makes the Tape she made to prove to Melinda she was not lying, again, to John Connelly, who uses the contents to validate statements made in his article, published September 4, 2001 on Weasel Search, titled, 
"Sex, Lies, and the Tape:  The John Fund Story," 

                                Molin calls Melinda to tell her Morgan is in grave danger if she stays with
                                Fund.  We later discover she has a very brief fling with Fund and wants
                                this to be repeated.  No accounting for taste.   

September 4, 2001 - The WeaselSearch Tape is published along with the article Fund attempted to block.  Instead of appearing in Talk Magazine it appears only online at a site called WeaselSearch. Later, it will be hosted at AmericanPoliticalJournal until 2018.  

October 31, 2001 -  11:57:50 AM PST - From John Fund to Melinda

October 31, 2001 - 2:45 PM - From Melinda to John Fund


December 29, 2001 - Email from Morgan to Melinda

December 31, 2001 -   Email to Melinda from John

January 4, 2002    -    Wedding arrangements 
                                       Melinda was not thrilled, but Morgan cannot be dissuaded.

                                       Michele was clearly in John's sights, either as support and or as a 
                                        possible love interest. 

                                    Gail's Face Book     Gail Heriot's Website    Gail Heriot

January 16, 2002 - Gene Gaudette and Sidney Blumenthal IM about beating out John Fund
                                    to get information to Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post.  

January 16, 2002 -  Announcement wedding will not take place 

January 17, 2002    -   Correspondence with Michele Davis

January 18, 2002 - Email from Gail Heriot to John Fund on the cancellation of the wedding.

January 18, 2002 - Email from John Fund to Morgan

January 19, 2002 -  Email to Morgan documenting gift of checks

January 19, 2002 -  12:10 AM - Email from John Fund to Morgan at her Mrsdewinter email address

January 21, 2oo2 -   Email from Christine Reis Hall to John Fund, offering to provide,
                                     with her friend, Julie Currie, opposition research on Morgan and
                                     Melinda.  See link to understand this newly wedding Christian's
                                      special relationship with John.

January 30, 2002 - Email from Lloyd Grove, also known as GroveL, stating Morgan had
                                   supplied him with a photo, which she had not done.  Melinda sent it as
                                   Grove's request not thinking this was inappropriate. 

February 21, 2002 - Police Report, 2002, New York

                                     E-mail message from the woman in question to Professor Gail Heriot of
                                     the   University of San Diego School of Law. 
                                    This email was likely sent to Heriot by Morgan, who never 
                                     mentioned her habits to Melinda   

February 24, 2002 - Fund is arrested while hiding in the Men's Room at the Manhattan
                                  Institute.  Article on Page Six

March 7, 2002 - 
ARTICLE - In The Nation by Eric Alterman titled, "Back Into the Muck."
                                   Names Melinda as having, "sent her daughter, Morgan, to look up Fund when she came to town. One thing led to another and the results appear to have been a live-in relationship and an abortion. This is strange enough for a Wall Street Journal editorial writer who, although very much a gentleman in person, penned some of the most vicious and irresponsible material about Clinton and the Democrats outside the columns of this magazine. (Fund is also a ghostwriter for Rush Limbaugh."
                       Morgan had first gone to bed with Fund while on an extended trip with her adopted father, Melinda's former husband, Craig Franklin on October 26, 1998. This is a measure of the kind of lies Fund tells routinely.  Melinda was in the hospital for a corneal transplant and knew nothing about Morgan's activities or her whereabouts.  Melinda had not spoken to Morgan since the previous March. 

May 14, 2002 - ARTICLE from the  Village Voice  by Cynthia Cotts, titled,  "John Fund:
                              Hope of Freedom." 
                                Melinda was briefly in NY and accompanied Morgan to the interview with
                                Cotts at a local restaurant.   

June 8, 2002 - RuthlessPeople.com goes up, paid for by Melinda to defend Morgan and
                            herself from Fund's libels. Melinda did not understand how politically
                            necessary Fund, a political operative and not strictly a journalist was to
                            BushCo yet. 

                           Having failed to contact Morgan or Melinda before writing a hit piece on her 
                           Alterman blows off the objections received.   
September 23, 2002 - RuthlessPeople as it appeared on this date. 

November 2002 - Morgan calls Melinda to ask about the identity of U-Day, wondering if it is
                       something like EBay.  She is assured this is a person and not a website. 

                       As it turns out, the job of subcontracting to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq is 
                       being handled by Sidney Blumenthal for the Clintons.  This, and not payment
                       for speaking engagements, if most likely the source of their sudden affluence. 

                       Skeptical that even flat broke politicians like Bill and Hillary would commit 
                       what Melinda thinks must be treason, she sends the email on to her friend, Dr.
                       Dean Ahmad.  He confirms it originated in the Emirates and likely came 
                       through from Baghdad.

                       In the mean time Eric Buchanan, the husband of the couple Morgan was                                     staying  with came up with the idea of putting a keylogger on Uday's computer 
                       using as a subject line, "Women without Veils."  

                      Melinda clearly makes a mistake in thinking someone, supposedly a friend, 
                      working for the CIA will ensure she is protected when she blows the whistle.  

                       For the longer story buy a copy of GREED - The NeoConning of America.  

                       When John begs for support Cheney and Rove will have more reasons to

January 15, 2003 - Franklin Complaint Dismissal -   Morgan Bankruptcy

January 23, 2003 -  Answer and Verified Counterclaim of John H. Fund in
                       the case of Morgan Pillsbury v. John Fund, Citicorp Group and Jane Doe, Index
                       No. 121868/02 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)

                            Threatening letter to the webmaster of Ruthlesspeople.com, the site Melinda
                            put up to defend Morgan against John's attacks. 

April 3, 2003 - Dan O'Dowd decides it is a good idea to give 100 orphans of veterans of the
                            War in Iraq $5,000 each for college.  
                            On the Website, Fallen Heroes - Last Wish Foundation his thinking is stated as, "While watching a network broadcast  showing the children of U.S. servicemembers who had been lost in the war in Iraq, Dan O'Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc., realized that these children were shouldering the largest burden of the U.S. war effort. That is when the need for private action to provide for these children became clear to him." 

April 7, 2003 -  Craig Franklin hands an enveloped copy of Morgan's Deposition to Anne
                           Fisher, his then girl friend.  Anne, if asked, would testify it was a Green Hills
                           envelope with the postage paid by the company in advance.  

                           As they ate dinner Craig told Anne what the envelope contained.

April 8, 2003 - 
RuthlessPeople is down. 

April 9, 2003 - Last Wish Foundation is incorporated by Green Hills Software, Inc.

April 10, 2003 - Last Wish Foundation  - The foundation and its objectives are announced.

                            Melinda, who was in NY, actually wrote the email as Morgan was not capable
                            of doing so and relied on Melinda for providing literate responses. 

May 15, 2003 - Eric Alterman's hit piece, "
Who Framed John Fund?" is published in The 

May 16, 2003 - Letter via email from Gail Heriot, Fund's occasional bedmate, to Gene
                            Gaudette, Editor of American Politics Journal.

                             This site was the work of 
                             Gail Heriot, who became John's 'girl friend' and
                             occasional bedmate on January 18, 2002.
                             Copied on this site.

July 14, 2003 -  The Nation - Article by  
Eric Alterman and Mark Crispin Miller ‘Ugly Tactics  Make for Ugly People.’ New York City

July 22, 2003- Wendy MacElroy trades a hit piece on Morgan for a gig at Fox News.
                           Melinda had known Wendy since the 70s but neither she or Morgan were
                           called and interviewed before the articleFalse Rape Charges Hurt Real 
                           Victims, was published. 

Soon after this appeared Wendy was hired by Fox News, the NeoCon MSM outlet.  

August 30, 2003 - Incest Porn purchased by Craig Franklin and found in his trash by
                           Melinda's PI and the bag containing these and other items was brought 
                           directly to her and opened as he watched.   

July 14 ,2003 - The Nation  - Article by 
Eric Alterman and Mark Crispin Miller
                        ‘Ugly Tactics Make for Ugly People’ - New York City 

October 6, 2003 - Declaration by Morgan Pillsbury alleging criminal fraud by  Franklin.

                             Katie Rosman asked for an exclusive and then stalled writing the article until it was expedient for John.  This was likely arranged through Eric 
Alterman, who dated Katie, who he referred to as, "arm candy."
                              The decision has been made to not pursue the article.  

August 4, 2005 - JOHN FUND  - Letter to David Steinberger re: Mark Crispin Miller
                                  John Fund enlisted the assistance of Gail Heriot in a campaign of slander and libel based on evidence which was constructed from coerced declarations and evidence obtained through an exchange of favors with Green Hills Software, Inc.   The letter below is a continuation of this campaign which began in 2003, this time libeling Mark Crispin Miller, who challenged Eric Alterman in The Nation.  

                                  Why did Morganthau ignore the law and cover for Fund, 
                                  claiming the records, kept on his own desk, had been lost?

April 26, 2006   - 
John Fund vs The Truth by Justin Raimondo, Anti-War
                                Justin and Eric Garris waited to publish this material, some of it 
                                for 20 years hoping John would do something nice for him.  Lew
                                Rockwell told Melinda this the day the article came out.  

July 14, 2006 -     Morgan drops the law suit against Fund, having drained Melinda dry of 
                                funds and emotionally assaulted and slandered her.  

August 4, 2009 - Arthur Foster, Melinda's son, is awarded Social Security Disability.  He has
                                 been disabled since 1997 with Melinda as his sole caretaker.  

August 23, 2009 - Pillsbury-Foster Declaration I, 2009 - Declaration includes details of IRS
                             resolution, payment of refunds .  Promise to give me as my own separate
                             property any refunds I received by filing the complaint against the IRS and 
                             the statements of our children he said what I was doing could not work. 

August 27, 2009 -   “Morgan Pillsbury Gell AffidavitI, 2009,” Morgan's recollections of
                             events during the period of the divorce, including others cooperating with
                             Craig to defraud Melinda.  Cases Nos. 222675 & 233136

August 29, 2009 - Declaration of Arthur Foster, 2009.  Statement from Arthur on the
                             manipulations by Craig which caused the suicide attempt.  

August 29, 2009 - Declaration by Morgan, 2009 II  Relates watching as Craig and his
                              attorney, Jacqueline Misho, stole the original Franklin Will so he could 
                              deny having adopted the children; Statement from Ron Foster he is no
                              longer their father; Statement he will go to any lengths not to pay what is
                              owed to Melinda                  

September 30, 2009 - Letter from Office of the DA, NY 

December 4, 2009 -  Scott Franklin -  Possible plea deal in murder for hire case

April 18, 2013 - Letter Received at MacPherson Corporate Headquarters for Melinda  
                             Charges of Indecent Exposure against Green Hills Attorney, John Douglas

June 16, 2014 - Melinda puts up this site, JohnFund.blogspot.com 

July 19, 2014 - Fund site is no longer available on the WayBackMachine.  URL leads HERE.
2018 - Scott is still in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife.