These people are listed in Alphabetical Order
Everyone involved in a conspiracy, especially one intended to kill the victim(s)
is deemed equally guilty.  It was all about the money. 
More will be added, as identified 

Eric Alterman
Thomas Anderle
Edward Black
Sidney Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal
George W. Bush
David Chandler
Dick Cheney
Michael Emerling Cloud
Jack Douglas 
Craig Franklin
Jonathan Scott Franklin
Sterling Franklin
John Fund
Gene Gaudette
Jay E. Gell
Morgan P. Gell
Gail Heriot
Jeffrey Hazarian
David Kleidermacher
Wendy McElroy
Jacqueline Misho
Amy Chang O'Dowd
Daniel O'Dowd
Katherine Rosman
Karl Rove
Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
Laura, Duchess of Manchester (Smith)
Rayelan Allen Smith