Monday, November 24, 2014

Updates on 2003

On July 19th the original site was inactive, according to the WayBackMachine.  

While poking around there I found another website which was taken time when Fund used his attorney to threaten my webmaster, resulting in the loss of Ruthless People.  I had published essays there which I had entirely forgotten.  This is natural considering what else was going on, also linked to Fund and his two best SpeedDial Buddies, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, pictures with him above.  I decided these should go on this site, so now they are ready to read!  Go to the Menu bar on the Right to find them.  

John Fund does not list the most significant element of his career, this, working as a Political Operative since 1979.  

We are writing a CV for John which will supply the transparency the world needs to day to understand what has taken place to our world through deceptive practices in our government, in corporations, in finance, in our courts ,and in our personal lives.  

This site is the beginning of a real transparency for John and all of his friends.